New Series!

Three ghosts, two sexy men, one murder, and more tricks and turns than the law allows! It's Opening Weekend at Spirits of Texas Inn, and Hannah will either Go big, or Go home!    

Girl from her Mirror

The Girl from Her Mirror, Book 1 

As her life begins to unravel, Kenzie searches for the truth behind this biggest, darkest secret of all.

Makenna Reagan was just trying to help her friend. She never knew she was putting her own life in jeopardy. 

Mirror, Mirror on her Wall

Mirror, Mirror on Her Wall, Book 2

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Hannah's uncle 'gifts' her a town, where she finds an historic inn, three resident ghosts, the legend of hidden treasure, and more trouble than anyone bargained for!   

Kenzie Reese knew her family was anything but normal. Now her father's past has come back to haunt her.though.


Book 2

Light from Her Mirror, Book 3

Light from her Mirror

We’ve all heard about them, ‘towns’ that are auctioned off on the internet to the highest bidder. It seemed like a fun backdrop for a story, particularly when the ‘winner’ is a reluctant participant in the whole process. In my story, Hannah’s extravagant uncle thinks he’s found the ultimate birthday gift, giving her a town that shares her name. Neither are prepared for the responsibilities --or the surprises-- that come with the property.

This is a fun series to write, featuring strong women, a good-hearted man, and the mystique of ghosts. Plus, it allows me to explore my love of history and is set in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. 

Here's what readers are saying about the new series:

"The main characters are not only believable, but loveable. Hannah, Walker, Fred and Sadie are all well developed and personal. I want to know them and wish I could live next door. "

"The first in a new series "Inn the Spirits of Legends" is a fun quirky (paranormal cozy) mystery book, that was a pleasure to read and I absolutely recommend."

"This is a fast-paced and fun paranormal cozy mystery sure to delight most readers."

"Great read that has everything - murder, chuckles and a great plot."

"More please."