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Tangible Spirits

When the Stars Fall, Book 2

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He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not *

Forgotten Boxes 

Wildflower Wedding With a Killer Reception, Book 8

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Inn the Spirit of Legends, Book 1

Spirits of Texas Cozy Mystery Series

Light from Her Mirror, Book 3

Plain Roots 

Stipulations and Complications, Book 3

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Chicken Scratch, Book 1

Mirrors Don't Lie Mystery Series

Inn the Spirit of Trickery, Book 2

Home Again: Starting Over, Book 4

The Sisters, Texas Mystery Series

The Lilac Code, Book 7

Genny's Ballad, Book 5

The Girl from Her Mirror, Book 1 

Mirror, Mirror on Her Wall, Book 2

Christmas in The Sisters, Book 6

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