Each book in this series will be a stand-alone mystery with recurring characters and some element of on-going story threads. ​

Key characters include:

Madison Reynolds

At 39, Madison finds herself widowed and penniless. She does the only thing she knows to do... she packs up her broken dreams and her teenage twins, and moves back home to live with her eighty-year-old grandmother. To make ends meet, she opens In a Pinch Temporary Services and finds herself in a heap of trouble! 

Genesis Baker

Genesis has been Madison's best friend since the summer of 1991. After traveling the globe as a talented pastry chef, Genny is ready to settle down and open her own little piece of pastry heaven in Naomi. New Beginnings Cafe and Bakery is a hot-spot for activity --and information-- in the small sister cities. 

Brash deCordova

The former football hero/ turned pro/ turned college coach is now Chief of Police in The Sisters, and still handsome enough to turn a few heads.... including Madison's.

Granny Bert Cessna

At the young age of eighty and as the unlikely heir to the town of Juliet, Granny Bert has recently retired as Mayor so that she'll have more time to travel. Welcome or not, she is always the first to offer advice and a helping hand. 

Cutter Montgomery

Handsome Cutter Montgomery is Chief of the local Volunteer Fire Department, and just hot enough to start a few fires of his own.


Want to learn the 'backstory' of The Sisters? 

From Book 1, CHICKEN SCRATCH, Chapter 5:

The two towns comprising The Sisters community had a storied past.

At the turn of the twentieth century, Bertram Randolph was one of the wealthiest men in the entire Brazos valley. As the undisputed Cotton King in all of central Texas, he owned thousands of acres of prime farmland in River County. His plantation played such a vital role in the industry that the Trinity and Brazos Railway -soon known as the Boll Weevil- laid a set of track running strategically alongside his cotton gin.

During the heyday of cotton, the train made multiple daily stops at the Randolph depot. The frequent stops were necessary during ginning season to transport the crop to market; other times, the stops were necessary to fit the whim of Randolph’s two daughters.

Naomi and Juliet Randolph were the epitome of the spoiled Southern belle. When Bertram’s wife died at an early age and left him with two young girls to raise, he did the only thing he knew to do: he indulged them.  

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Welcome to the towns of Naomi & Juliet, TX

aka "The Sisters'

From the imagination of

This summer is a scorcher, in more ways than one, and now Maddy is in the hot seat. With the house almost done and her relationship with Brash heating up, is she ready to say she's home again, and starting over?  

Christmas is just weeks away, and someone is targeting the community. As the 'Christmas Crimes' wreak havoc on The Sisters, Brash hires In a Pinch to help with the investigation. Can Brash and Maddy save the day... and their lives?  

Just two thousand residents in both towns combined, yet somehow Madison Reynolds has found herself embroiled in yet another mystery! How will this effect her budding relationship with Chief of Police Brash deCordova... or her newest client for In a Pinch, who just might be the prime suspect? ​​

Book 2 - When the Stars Fall

​​BOOKS in the Series

Book 1- CHIcken scratch


Homegrown characters, mystery, and romance. 

Book 5 - Genny's Ballad  

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Do you know what When the Stars Fall, cattle auctions, and country singer Kenny Rogers have in common? Find out by downloading this tale from my past! 

Book 3 - Stipulations and Complications 

Book 4 - Home again: starting over 

Now that Madison Reynolds has agreed to be part of a reality-television home remodeling show, she barely recognizes her own life. What she needs is another session of Brash's unique ‘river therapy’.
What she gets is a skeleton, danger, and another round of  stipulations and complications.

When Madison Reynolds finds herself broke and widowed before she even turns forty, she does the only thing she can -- she packs up her teenage twins, moves back home with her eight-year-old grandmother, and opens her own temporary agency.  

Becki Willis, 


book 6 - christmas in the sisters


Fun to Know

With her dimpled smile and twinkling eyes, Genny is normally upbeat and cheerful, but her life hasn’t always been so sunny. As she faces demons from her past, she finally allows herself to imagine a future with Cutter Montgomery. Now if she can just stay alive...