Becki Willis, 


Special Thanks 

  • Special thanks to Corey & Jackie for letting me "snoop" in the basement of their Fredericksburg store! (LFHM)
  • John Nugent gave me invaluable information about the maple sugaring process. He also shared a funny story about a local sugarmaker that appears in the book. (FB)
  • I modeled the sugarworks  in Forgotten Boxes from the charming Morse Farms Maple Sugarworks in Montpelier, VT. If you are ever in the area, make sure to visit!  

The enchanting White Mountains of New Hampshire were the inspiration for the Mirrors Don't Lie series. These are some of the places visited within the story-line. 

Sabbaday Falls 

Just one of my many photos of this beautiful place! The White Mountains in New Hampshire are full of rocky mountain streams and waterfalls. Look for this waterfall in The Girl from Her Mirror, Book 1 of the Mirrors Don't Lie Series. (Did you know? All three book covers in the series feature my own photos.)

Esterbrook Community Church

Look for this charming little Wyoming country church in an important scene from Mirror, Mirror on Her Wall. (No, not a wedding!)

Did you know?

I  started writing He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not after visiting Richmond, VA in the early 90's! I pulled out my old copy, dusted it off, & did a LOT of updating,,, the original story didn't even have cell phones! 

Fun Facts & Photos

Forgotten Boxes 

is set in rural Vermont and entwines several stories within its pages. I drew inspiration from a local sugarworks and

idyllic scenes such as this.

Did you know...

The chicken houses in Chicken Scratch are not the old wood and wire coops you remember from your grandma's farm. These are state-of-the-art, computer-controlled, fully automated  46'  x 500' metal structures. I should know. My husband and I own six of them and raise over 140,000 chickens at a time! 

Or that...

I worked (in the office) at Cattle Auctions all through high-school & college, like the one featured in When the Stars Fall. (Did you read the Kenny Rogers article on The Sisters, TX page? You might find it interesting.)

The towns of Juliet and Naomi are fictional, but were inspired by real-life places. A few years ago,my son was married on a ranch along the Brazos River, where the train made direct stops to load crops. I was charmed by the collection of old buildings, stations and such, and could imagine a town springing up from these very roots. Thus, the idea of The Sisters was born!   

Tangible Spirits 

takes place in the very real town of Jerome, Arizona. Here are some of my photos and personal perceptions that inspired the story. 

As seen through my camera lens, out and about the beautiful Texas Hill Country. Depicted within Light from Her Mirror, Book 3 of the Mirrors Don't Lie Series.

Random Facts & Useless Knowledge 

  • I went to elementary school with a boy named Lange (HKM,HKMN)
  • We didn't have cable growing up. My father said we lived so far out in the country they had to pump in sunshine. (TGFHM)
  • My mother always made me extra crust. My grandmothers were known for their mouth-watering rolls & berry cobbler.(HKM,HKMN)
  • It wasn't until my third trip to the White Mountains that I finally encountered a moose! (TGFHM)
  • The yellow VW Beetle with its Betty Boop floormats was inspired by one of my restaurant customers.(MMOHW)
  • It is common to hear German spoken in Fredericksburg, Texas. (LFHM)
  • One of Granny Bert's quotes (The Sisters, Texas Series) came from my grandson Korbin: "...about as useless as a screen door on a submarine." Several of my father's quotes show up in my books, as well. 

My photos of typical New England extended farmhouses. (FB)

Randon Facts & Useless Knowledge 

  • Sadly, the devastating flood along the Big Thompson River was real, as was the described house, gaping open from the bottom. (MMOHW)
  • The public library in Haverhill, NH was originally the jail and sight of the last public hanging in the state. The woman at the North Haverhill Post Office gave me a brief history lesson and the correct pronunciation of the name: Hav'ril, long a, two syllables! (LFHM, MMOHW)
  • Most Texas Ranger badges are made from a 1948 Mexican five-pesos silver coin. (The Mirror Series)

From the imagination of

Maple syrup, as seen in the window of the sugarhouse. What's your favorite grade?