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    -  1 (#) winner will receive  [(1) FREE Night Stay at The Columbia Inn at Peralynna (The Spy House!) Columbia, MD] (approximate retail value  $300) 

  1. ‚ÄčWinner will be mailed an official Gift certificate, issued by The Columbia Inn of Peralynna, good for one night in the Penthouse Suite. (FYI: This is the same suite where Maddy, Genny, and Granny Bert stayed, and where much of the story takes place.)
  2. Subject to availability. May be applied to the accommodations of your choice. 
  3. Valid until Aug. 31, 2019. 

    -  1 (#) winner will receive  [(1) The Lilac Code (Your choice of Paperback or E-Book)] and a custom made "I Cracked The Lilac code" T-Shirt (approximate retail value $24-$34)
    -  1 (#) winner will receive  [(1) $10 Amazon Gift Card] (approximate retail value $10)

See Contest Entry for complete details. 

Special Mission:

Each week, the contest will include a special 

Top-Secret Mission!

Should you decide to take it, your mission will be to decode a secret message and to answer a specific question. 

Questions will reset on Sundays for a total of four missions in all, so check in each week to enter and to increase your chances of WINNING! 

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