Becki Willis, 


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Quick Facts

  • Married to high school sweetheart
  • Two Children
  • Three Grandchildren
  • Lives on a ranch in Texas
  • Loves to read, write, & travel 
  • Loves antiques & history
  • Owned a gift shop/ restaurant for over 17 years
  • Was in direct sales for 4 years before that 
  • Fluent in pig-Latin

A Dream Come True

Since writing my first "book" in grade school, I knew I wanted to be an author. The dream was tucked away in my heart and I wrote mostly in secret, squeezing in words here and there between wife/mother/career duties.

In 2013, I realized it was now or never! I published my first Suspense/ Romantic Mystery (He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not) in November, sold my successful restaurant/ gift shop in December, and dedicated myself to writing full-time. 

I wrote my second book (The Girl from Her Mirror) while seven extra people were living in my house. It was excellent therapy! The sequels, Mirror, Mirror On Her Wall and Light from Her Mirror are now available. (Side note: All three books feature my own photography on the covers.)

I am currently working on a new series,  The Sisters, Texas, set in a small community with true-to-life characters and plenty of mysterious secrets, with ideas for at least two other stand-alone books floating around in my head. (Sometimes it gets really crowded up there.)

Even if no one reads my books, I'm having a wonderful time, living my dream of being a writer!

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