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​​Chicken Scratch  

When Madison Reynolds is left widowed and penniless, she has to scratch out a new life in The Sisters, Texas. Book 1.

​​Home Again: Starting Over

Things are heating up in The Sisters, and Maddy is in the hot seat! The house is almost done, she and Brash move forward with their relationship, and another killer is on the loose. ​Book 4.        

​​Genny's Ballad 

Everyone loves Genesis Baker, so why does someone want her dead? When people from her past pop up, her future with Cutter is in definite danger.  

Book 5.        

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​​Stipulations & Complications   

The last thing Madison needed was another secret passage, particularly one with its own skeleton! Why does everything come with stipulations & complications? Book 3. 

​​When the Stars Fall  

Madison is embroiled in another murder mystery. This time she is an (almost) eye witness to the murder of fomer soap queen Caress Ellingsworth. Book 2. 

​​Tangible Spirits 

Reporter Gera Stapleton does not believe in ghosts, but this assignment in Jerome, AZ will test her convictions. And threaten her very life.

Becki Willis, 


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Award-Winning The Sisters, Texas Mystery Series 

He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not  

Someone is stalking Ashli Wilson. Even if Private Investigator Lange Sterling is able is protect her, who will protect her heart?

​​Forgotten Boxes

Charity Gannon discovers four forgotten boxes. The story behind one box is delightful, another heartbreaking. And one might just be the death of her.