"Finally a story with an original plot."

"Her writing reminds me why "reading a book is always better than watching the movie"."
"Becki Willis is a talented story teller that keeps you turning each page!" 

"A great writer will have you crying and laughing and rooting for the protagonist - Becki Willis does this in spades."

"I found a new author I love"

"Awesome to read a series as each character becomes more like family and more developed. I have read every book currently out by Becki Willis and each book is better than the last."

"Very pleasantly surprised to discover this author and book. A perfect combination of mystery and romance, with splendid writing and great characters."

"She really knows how to weave a story!" 

"I loved every line of every page!!!"​

The Sisters, TX Serieshas won three years in a row! 

In Book 1 of the new Spirits of Texas Series, Hannah's uncle 'gifts' her a town bought at auction, but it comes with an unexpected complication...three spirits from the past. It's the gift that keeps on ghosting!

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Tangible Spirits

was named 2018 Best Paranormal, earned a Crowned Heart from InD'Tale Magazine and is nominated for 2018 RONE in Paranormal, long. 

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Inn the Spirit of Legends

The world of espionage is prepared for double agents, covert missions, and deadly adversaries . . . but are they prepared for this Texas trio of headstrong women? 

The action continues in Book 7 of the award-winning The Sisters, Texas Mystery Series!

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